Jan 272016

Apparently it is Mercedes owners based in Gloucestershire that rack up almost 50% more miles than the average motorist, according to a study by Warranty Direct.

Cars wearing the three pointed star in the South West area are estimated to cover an average of 14,684 miles each year, 46% more than the national average of 10,076 miles and some 18% more than the average figure for Gloucestershire itself.

Elsewhere in the UK, Land Rovers prove their ‘go further’ mantra as they are the hardest-working vehicles in Hampshire, West Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Berkshire – more regions than any other car – with each registering an average mileage of over 13,000.

Overall, Subaru’s cars have the most annual mileage put on them, with an average of 13,740; the Japanese brand’s Legacy is also the highest-miling individual model.

Swedish manufacturers Volvo and Saab both were both revealed as popular choices for high milers, appearing in third and sixth place respectively, while vehicles from top-selling marques Ford and BMW clearly appeal to those who cover long distances as the brands registered 9th and 10th overall.

Cars in Scotland or the South West do the most miles in the UK, with Stirlingshire, Perthshire Gloucestershire, and Somerset all featuring in the top 10 locations for high-mileage cars.

Away from rolling hills and countryside, cars registered in London are far more likely to spend more time sat in traffic than negotiating winding roads – Londoners clocked up characteristically low mileage figure of 7,990, or 26% below average.

David Gerrans, managing director at Warranty Direct commented: “The mileage you do will dictate how quickly certain components on your car could deteriorate, as well as how long you have between service intervals. Naturally, some people work their cars harder than others and that means they need to be mindful of the potential for servicing and maintenance costs to rise.”

The highest mileage vehicles according to Warranty Direct data

Highest mileage by region/brand Average annual mileage
Gloucestershire – Mercedes Benz 14,684
Hampshire – Land Rover 14,076
West Yorkshire – Land Rover 13,953
Kent – Volvo 13,714
Essex – Citroen 13,667
Leicestershire – Land Rover 13,615
Merseyside – Audi 13,578
Hampshire – Volvo 13,432
Somerset – BMW 13,396
Berkshire – Land Rover 13,277


Highest mileage by region Average annual mileage
Stirlingshire 12,984
Perthshire 12,536
County Down 12,454
Gloucestershire 11,900
East Lothian 11,710
Somerset 11,707
Northumberland 11,537
Oxfordshire 11,470
Wiltshire 11,320
County Durham 11,219


Highest mileage by brand Average annual mileage
Subaru 13,740
Ssangyong 12,136
Volvo 11,663
Nissan 11,090
Volkswagen 10,899
Saab 10,884
Audi 10,873
Land Rover 10,766
Ford 10,215
BMW 10,180


Highest mileage by model Average annual mileage
Subaru Legacy 15,976
Nissan Navara 15,376
Volvo V50 13,578
Audi A8 13,546
Volvo XC60 13,250
Volvo V70 13,226
Audi A5 12,830
Volvo XC70 12,695
Volkswagen Tiguan 12,402
Audi Q7 12,321
Mar 252015

odometerReducing the mileage of a Ford Fiesta, the bestselling vehicle in the UK in 2014, from 90,000 to 30,000 adds £1,875 to the price tag, up 35%*

Range Rover Evoque sees the price tag increase by £4,250 after clocking, an increase of nearly 20%*

The popular VW Golf rises by nearly 40% and the Nissan Leaf electric car sees a rise of 36%*

Sportier models, such as the Mazda MX 5 convertible see their values increase by 36% after clocking, whilst the prestigious Audi A3 could see its price tag rise by 30%*

*all of the above figures are based on reducing its mileage from 90,000 to 30,000 miles

Clocking continues to pose a real threat for used car buyers, including dealers and their customers, warns HPI. To highlight this, HPI has joined forces with CAP Automotive, the premier provider of vehicle values, to lift the lid on just how much dodgy sellers stand to make from a clocked car, conning dealers out of profit and risking both their reputation and legal repercussions.

Neil Hodson, Managing Director of HPI comments, “According to the latest SMMT figures, the Ford Fiesta was the bestselling vehicle in the UK in 2014, with 131,254 new car sales made. However, according to CAP figures, fraudsters are increasingly cashing in on the popularity of the family car, with clocked models potentially earning them up to 35% on the price tag. That means unsuspecting used car buyers could lose £1,875 on a vehicle with an altered mileage.

“The CAP figures show that, perhaps surprisingly, it is the lower value vehicles that see the biggest percentage increase from mileage correction, making them more attractive to fraudsters. For example, hatchbacks like the VW Golf can garner a whopping 40% profit for clockers who fraudulently take 60,000 miles off the clock. The result is an extra £3,000 which comes straight out of an unlucky buyer’s wallet.”

Protect yourself against those unexpected repair bills with an Extended Warranty from Warranty Direct Ltd. Protecting your car against the cost and hassle of unexpected failure couldn’t be easier.

Apr 242008

Car ClockingHPI’s National Mileage Register exceeds 125 million records

Confirming its place as the most comprehensive mileage database available in the UK, HPI’s National Mileage Register (NMR) now contains over 125 million mileage readings – providing valuable intelligence for dealers to combat the very real threat of clocking.

The NMR has grown by a staggering 25 million records since this time last year. 1 in every 12 vehicles checked with HPI shows a discrepancy or inconsistency in a vehicle’s mileage.  Whilst upon investigation many inconsistencies are proven innocent, in other cases there is a very clear intention of someone trying to increase the value or the car and deceiving subsequent purchasers.

This consistent growth in the NMR is assisted by manufacturers such as BMW (UK), who provided HPI with a half a million new service and repair mileage records in 2007 – and they look to surpass that number in 2008.

In an HPI investigation, previous owners of the vehicle will be contacted and mileage details confirmed – making sure both dealers and customers are getting exactly what they paid for. The NMR can also provide more than just peace of mind. Any check which uncovers a discrepancy can form the basis of a legal defence against the 1968 Trade Description Act.

Prestige and specialist car retailer the Sytner Group and prestige vehicle manufacturer Bentley Motors are the latest to recognise the crucial role of the NMR – both have recently been given HPI ‘approved’ status, enabling their dealers to benefit from a mileage verification every time they conduct an HPI Check.

Daniel Burgess, director of automotive at HPI comments, “By reaching 125 million records, the National Mileage Register takes us a huge step further towards combating the problem of clocking. Legitimate dealers need to ensure they are protecting both their reputation and customers by making every effort to validate the true mileage of their vehicles, and set themselves apart from the more underhand retailers out there.”