Oct 272015

Warranty Direct has launched a newly-upgraded website http://www.warrantydirect.co.uk/, specifically designed to make it even faster and easier for customers to get an online quote.

The company is the UK’s leading provider of direct consumer automotive warranties and has over 50,000 live policies active.

Warranty Direct’s new site delivers a much faster quote and application process and has been optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop use, allowing you to get an instant quote wherever you are.

Warranty Direct managing director, David Gerrans, said: “We live in an increasingly connected world and we understand that the consumer’s time is precious, so we’ve made our new site as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

“As customers use their smartphones and tablets more and more to shop or research potential purchases, it’s important that we continue our drive into the connected devices space, offering people our services on their preferred gadgets and on the move.”

The new website features an all-new creative design and layout, which houses the company’s warranty, breakdown recovery, servicing and MoT products.

Warranty Direct is one of the only companies to cover many of the ‘loophole’ clauses excluded by most other extended warranty providers – these include parts failing through wear & tear*, failure of an insured part caused by the failure of an uninsured part and faults found during standard service and MoT procedures.

Warranty Direct cover starts from as little as £15 a month**. For a quote on cover please visit www.warrantydirect.co.uk. For information on the reliability of your vehicle, visit www.reliabilityindex.com

* – Covered from day 1 on renewals or continuing a manufacturer’s policy. Otherwise a 90 day exclusion period applies.

** – price based on a Toyota Auris T2