May 072014

Potholes SignCampaigners revealed yesterday that winter floods have created a huge surge in drivers’ claims for compensation from potholes.

The number of claims to the council in the worst-hit county Somerset rose from 24 in November and December last year to 240 in January and February. In Worcestershire they rose from 25 to 125 in the same months and in Dorset from 85 to 193. carried out the survey, where drivers can report hazards and get advice on compensation. Warranty Direct, who back the site, proposes introducing temporary warning signs to draw attention to the on-going problem with the crumbling roads. The signs could be adopted to warn motorists and other road users about pothole-ridden stretches of road.

Managing director David Gerrans, said: “With potholes costing drivers £730 million a year – with an average bill of £247 – a sign only needs to stop a couple of incidents to justify its price. If road signs can warn of falling rocks from above then why not craters from below?”

As a result of the heavy rainfall damaging roads, campaign website had more than 1500 potholes reported across the UK in January and February alone, by motorists who had either damaged their vehicles or were trying to warn others of the hazards.

The road industry has said it would cost £12 billion to bring Britain’s roads up to standard. The Department for Transport said it had made £383 million available in emergency funds to repair damaged roads.

If your vehicle has been damaged as a result of a pothole, you may be entitled to compensation from your council. Visit for more information.