Mar 222016

New research reveals that almost twice as many motorists are confident about buying a car unseen today, compared with three years ago.

There has also been a rise of almost one third in those who describe themselves as comfortable to buy a car online.

But franchise dealers need not fear being sidelined by online motor retail specialists because the research also highlights a 50% rise in customers travelling outside their local area to buy from a national main dealer.

However, the research also appears to sound the death knell for private car sale classified advertisements, with survey respondents reporting a dramatic fall in purchases from that source

The research, conducted in February 2016 for, reveals changes in consumer attitudes and behaviour following a major survey of motorists in August 2013.

Since August 2013, when almost 5,000 motorists were first polled on their car buying habits and attitudes, the proportion of those who say they would be happy to buy a new car online, without seeing it first, has risen from 17.5% to 31.3% – an increase of 78.8% in positive responses.

At the same time, the number of people describing themselves as ‘wary’ of buying a car unseen from a reputable online source has fallen from 27.7% to 25.5%.

But the most positive change in attitudes to online car buying was found among those who had previously ruled out buying cars online at all.

In August 2013 more than half of all respondents said they wouldn’t buy cars online but that figure has now reduced to 43% – a 21.1% drop in anti-online purchase sentiment.

Growing consumer comfort is not limited to online new car sales. Motorists are now demonstrating a strong preference to buying used cars online.

The 2016 survey included questions which were not previously asked, inviting motorists to evaluate their own changes in attitude over time. This revealed that 39.2% agree with the statement ‘I’m MORE likely to buy a new car online now than I used to be’ and 21.3% agree with the statement ‘I’m MORE likely to buy a used car online now than I used to be’.

The latest survey reveals the strength of the UK motor retail market in general, with good news also for traditional dealers – and franchise groups in particular –throughout the results.

For example, in August 2013, respondents reported where they had bought their current car and the latest survey indicates that consumers have been looking further afield and increasingly buying from national main dealers since then.

The figure for those who had bought from a main dealer more than 50 miles from their home saw almost half as many again travelling further afield to buy their current car, compared with the car they owned at the point of the 2013 survey.

The biggest change in where people had purchased their current car this time was a 50% slump in those who had bought from private sellers – from 11.6% to 5.8%.

Austin Collins, Managing Director of, said: “This was not a survey of customers, so the results are not skewed in favour of our own business or even the online car retail model in general. It’s genuine evidence that consumers are increasingly comfortable with the concept of buying cars online and unseen until they take delivery.”

Oct 272015

Warranty Direct has launched a newly-upgraded website, specifically designed to make it even faster and easier for customers to get an online quote.

The company is the UK’s leading provider of direct consumer automotive warranties and has over 50,000 live policies active.

Warranty Direct’s new site delivers a much faster quote and application process and has been optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop use, allowing you to get an instant quote wherever you are.

Warranty Direct managing director, David Gerrans, said: “We live in an increasingly connected world and we understand that the consumer’s time is precious, so we’ve made our new site as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

“As customers use their smartphones and tablets more and more to shop or research potential purchases, it’s important that we continue our drive into the connected devices space, offering people our services on their preferred gadgets and on the move.”

The new website features an all-new creative design and layout, which houses the company’s warranty, breakdown recovery, servicing and MoT products.

Warranty Direct is one of the only companies to cover many of the ‘loophole’ clauses excluded by most other extended warranty providers – these include parts failing through wear & tear*, failure of an insured part caused by the failure of an uninsured part and faults found during standard service and MoT procedures.

Warranty Direct cover starts from as little as £15 a month**. For a quote on cover please visit For information on the reliability of your vehicle, visit

* – Covered from day 1 on renewals or continuing a manufacturer’s policy. Otherwise a 90 day exclusion period applies.

** – price based on a Toyota Auris T2