Oct 052015

It’s the beginning of another week here at Warranty Direct and, as per Monday tradition, we thought we’d share a roundup of the latest motor news we’ve noticed gaining noticable traction on our social feeds.

Peugeot 107 crowned most reliable ‘student car’ – BT News






Warranty Direct revealed the most reliable “student cars” last week, and the winner is was a surprise. The 2005-2014 Peugeot 107 was found to be the most reliable car for the university student lifestyle of working, sleeping, drinking or whatever it is they get up. Other cars featuring in the list include the 2008-2015 Honda Jazz and the 2002-20120 Nissan Micra.

Car Smoking Ban Comes Into Force – BBC News






New driving laws came in effect on the 1st of October this month with the ruling banning smoking in vehicles containing passengers under the age of 18. This new rule affects drivers in England and Wales with Scotland possibly to follow suit soon. If a driver is caught breaking this new rule, they will receive a penalty fine of £50. The BBC News article looks at the pros and cons of the new rule as well as how much force will be put in by authorities.

New Car Buying Rights – The Telegraph







Also coming into effect from the 1st of October was the brand new Consumer Rights Act. Described as the biggest overhaul of consumer law for a generation, it brings in some new legislation especially in the realm of buying new cars. New car owners can reject a faulty car within thirty days of delivery and, even after that period, claim a full refund if the first car repair doesn’t fix the vehicle’s problems. The Telegraph article breaks down the important information car buyers need to be aware of.

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