Sep 212015

It’s the beginning of another week here at Warranty Direct and we thought we’d share a roundup of the latest motor news we’ve shared over the last seven days via our social media feeds.

Nine things we learned at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show – Auto Express







With the doors closed on the 2015 car show, Auto Express reflect on last week’s event and take away the nine important key points worth paying attention to. From crossover cars, film promotions and the tricky task of naming a car – there is an awful lot to take away and digest.

New Range Rover is a “fortress” on wheels – The Telegraph







Range Rovers are well known from their 4×4 off road adventuring. But if you wanted extra protection on your vehicle then their latest might very well provide you with ultimate safety.  The £360,000 Range Rover Sentinel is billed as a “mobile fortress” that is capable of withstanding grenades and gunfire. Now that is protection in extreme conditions.

Second-Hand Car Sales At All-Time High – Sky News






Car ownerships are noticing a rebound from a five-year low, with three-quarters of UK families now owning at least one car, with new research. This rise seems attributed to the low level of new car production following the credit crunch.

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Sep 142015

It’s time to start another new week here at Warranty Direct with another roundup of the latest motoring news we’ve noticed over the last seven days and shared through our social channels.


15% of MOT verdicts are incorrect – Auto Express








Auto Express research reveals high numbers of incorrect MOT test results and a potential growing inaccuracy of MoT test centres across Britain.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Preview – Car Magazine








The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show is about to get underway and Car Magazine take an in-depth A to Z look at the potential new cars to be unveiled at the show.

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