Jul 312016

The race is currently on to create the next breakthrough in driving – autonomous cars. With technology companies and car manufacturers rigorously testing their own take on the driverless car, how far are we from the new future of motoring?

The support for autonomous / driverless cars was front and centre of recent new government backed legislation in early 2016. The overall aim was to have motorists buying and using self-driving cars by 2020. Chances are, if you’ve followed news within the motoring world, you’ve likely been hearing a lot recently about plans for driverless cars and many are keen to jump on the bandwagon.

Partially autonomous cars are already available now to motorists; with the ‘Parking Assist’ feature widely embodied in a variety of car makes and models.  Furthermore, some cars on the market are already experimenting with the technology themselves such as the high profile Tesla Model S “Autopilot” feature. But this has only been an indication of what a fully driverless car could potentially achieve.

Plans for full autonomous cars have been frequently announced across manufacturers and mainstream companies. Volvo laid down plans earlier in the year regarding their ambitious trial of recruiting members of the British public to test their autonomous technology on a public highway. This particular test will see a limited number of semi-AD cars running in London early next year.  Similarly, The GATEway project has also opened their doors to the public to participate in similar trials – conducted at the UK Smart Mobility Living Lab in Greenwich.

Search engine giants Google have also been flying their flag for driverless cars for a considerable amount of time. They’ve been constantly in the spotlight with their own vehicle throughout its testing phase. However, early reviews from journalists were not thrilled by the car’s performance. This hasn’t been helped by some additional public testing hiccups along the way with the occasional crash and police pulling a test model over for being too slow. It seems Google’s advantage in the race to create the first driverless car has faded. With other companies like Uber and possibilities surrounding Apple’s involvement in the motor industry, it’s clear that this method of transport seems high on agenda’s for the manufacturer and technology companies.

As it stands it’s too early to see who will launch their driverless vehicle first, so don’t expect them to appear on driveways near you just yet. There are still many other areas to address before driverless cars can be properly inducted onto our roads. Motor insurance guidelines, driving tests and other areas of established road rules and regulations also need to be prepared for the dawn of the driverless motor. Despite the backing of UK legislation, the autonomous future seems to be coming though at a cautious pace.

Oct 122015

It’s Monday once again and it’s the start of a brand new week for us here at Warranty Direct. So let’s take a look at the latest stories that have been popular on our social feeds.

Warranty Direct’s New Website






Warranty Direct has launched a newly-upgraded website, specifically designed to make it even faster and easier for customers to get an online quote. The new site delivers a much faster quote and application process and has been optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop use, allowing customers to get an instant quote wherever they are. Why not give it a try today?

Google Driverless Cars are brilliant but also boring – BBC News






Members of the press were invited recently to try Google’s driverless cars for themselves. While the technology aspects are sound in practicality, the experience itself leaves a lot to be desired as reported by the BBC. The technology development and push of driverless cars continues on…

Able Cause: Meet The Champion of Britain’s disabled drivers – The Telegraph







Director of policy and campaigns for Disabled Motoring UK, Helen Dolphin has helped campaigned to aid disabled motorists. This interview, conducted by The Telegraph, discusses her inspiring story and the work that Disabled Motoring UK is now doing for disabled drivers.

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