Dec 102015

With potholes estimated to cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads and costing motorists an estimated £730 million every year, has been created to help you avoid the cost and misery they cause thanks to Warranty Direct.

The website can provide information advising how to make a claim against a local council regarding pothole damage to your car or if you just want to report a poor piece of road. With access to similar stories and related news, aims to help motorists fight back against this road misery.

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County Council trials new technology for tackling potholes – Harrogate Informer






With new technology and processes being investigated to help tackle pothole repairs, the Harrogate Informer focuses on one new technology being trialled across the Harrogate district. The Velocity Jet Patcher is designed to fill potholes much faster than conventional methods. The process takes only a couple of minutes for each hole with no excavation, no waste materials and the filled hole ready to drive on immediately. Promising technology at work….

Potholes: the scourge of cyclists returns for the winter – Cycling Weekly







With Winter upon us, Cycling Weekly advises the best course of action to deal with potholes this season. Potholes can prove deadly to cyclists if avoiding them forces them out into the road and being hit by other vehicles. Although it’s hard to predict where a pothole might occur on a cyclist’s travels, there are a few things riders can do to reduce incidents or injuries attributed to potholes.

More than 45,000 potholes repaired across Worcestershire – in just 18 MONTHS – Worchester News

Worcestershire County Council have revealed that they repaired 45,000 potholes in just 18 months. Since April 2014, highway workers have patched around 83 potholes every day. Another 15,000 are due to be completed by next year.

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