Aug 032005

American FlagMore than 10,000 Yank-mobiles, like the iconic Mustang and the Dodge Ram, are finding their way into Britain every year, according to new research by Warranty Direct, the UK’s leading independent automotive warranty supplier.

The popularity of MTV’s “Pimp my Ride”, a strong exchange rate*1 and a simplification of the import process has fuelled the market for big American cars to unprecedented levels over the past few years.

Under current law an imported car must simply pass a standard MOT test and be appropriately modified for British roads. This is normally nothing more than ensuring lights and mirrors are set up for left hand traffic, and that the speedo includes a miles per hour display. Cars less than ten years old are also required to pass a Single Vehicle Approval inspection of the car’s design and construction*2.

In response to this growing sector, and the fact that such vehicles arrive without any valid manufacturer supported warranty, Warranty Direct has launched its USA Platinum cover package.

At £1,500 for a full three years protection, Platinum provides comprehensive cover against the cost of parts and labour for most mechanical and electrical, faults and breakdowns. USA Platinum is only available on brand new vehicles.

Those wanting the latest in American motoring need look no further than Ford and Dodge pick-up trucks, where rugged good looks and unparalleled luxury have combined to make them the most imported vehicles of recent years.  Alternatively the ever-popular Mustang, which houses all the brute strength Ford can muster under a truly evocative shell, is a must-have for all serious petrol-heads.

Those looking for something more unique could consider the inimitable Hummer H2.  Although some would argue the car is unsuitable for narrow British roads, there is no question that the H2 strikes the perfect balance between American comfort and capability.

For more information on Warranty Direct’s Platinum cover for brand new American imports, call on Freephone 0800 731 7001.