Jul 112017

  6 Responses to “Annoying Types of Drivers Infographic”

  1. The infograph is just the normal BMW and Audi Drivers

  2. Drivers who break late?mThe divr of the car bhind should be reading the road well ahead so a possible obstrucion or hazard is seen in good time. Don’t blame th guy in front when you are not driving 12:12ith anticipation and imaginationColin Taylo

  3. Yes, I agree with all of the above. The thing is: long (and sometimes bitter) experience has brought me to the conclusion that, if you don’t can the frustration and annoyance you feel at some of these behaviours, you’re liable to become just another road rage statistic.

    Happy motoring!!

  4. Drivers who indicate at the last minute leaving you frustrated

  5. I can’t believe it missed out “ignoring red traffic lights”. The most dangerous form of new driving habit!!

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