Mar 072017

  6 Responses to “Car Brand Stereotypes Infographic”

  1. Someone needs to get out more. Very tired.

  2. I drive an Infiniti Q30 or as I call it a Mercedes with style. I also drive my wife’s Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit (the car that won the war!) Plus 4 older cars 1. 1959 Austin A35, 2. 1999 Subaru B4 RSK, 3. 2001 MGZS+ Stepspeed, and 4. 2003 BMW E46 cabriolet. Apart from haven too many cars what do they say about me?

  3. Surprised that the maker of the most reliable cars (Honda) is not mentioned, nor another reliable brand, also the world’s biggest (Toyota). Could it be that as they are so fiendishly reliable people don’t have cause to mention them in blogs and on forums?

    • Hi Martin,

      Thank you for your comments. We followed up your thoughts and picked up that on YouGov’s website both Honda and Toyota received favourable opinion from people about theirs brand.

      As you’ve pointed out, both received positive feedback on their respective brands with people describing them both as reliable and of good quality.

  4. I agree with the Jaguar comments totally, at 78 took my 2 yearly IAM assessment , recorded as excellent.
    by traffic policeman examiner. Told very good observation of speed limits.

  5. Are these the only cars being made now? If so I must be driving unknown make.

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