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  9 Responses to “25 Car Models You’ve Likely Been Saying Wrong”

  1. Somewhat lacking in your knowledge of some Italian pronunciations I’m afraid. As they are made by Italian car manufacturers, you should respect how the word is pronounced in Italian, so the Maserati Ghibli is actually pronounced Gib-lee, the letter “h” between the “G” and the “i” keeps the “G” sound hard. For the Lamborghini Murcielago, the model name is pronounced “Mur-chee-eh-lah-go” as the letter “c” is always prounounced this way when followed by an “e” or an “i”.

  2. A useful list of car names that we sometimes mispronounce. However I question your take on the Maserati Ghibli.

    The gibli is dialectal Arabic for south wind, akin to Arabic qiblī literally, southern. It is in the dictionary as a fiercely hot wind of North Africa something like the mistral, scirocco or indeed the Capetown Doctor. Maserati has a tradition of naming cars after winds – Bora, Khamsin, Ghibli and now Levante.

    Given that the manufacturer is Italian the pronunciation will fall in line with standard Italian practice whereby a c or g followed by an e or i makes the consonant soft as in ciao, gelato or Giovanni but hard when followed by an h as in Chianti, Ghia, ghiaccio or in this case Ghibli. More garage than Alfa Giulietta then.

    If you are American the BMW is a Zee 4 which is not a mispronunciation for Americans.
    Given that VW called its car Scirocco then your pronunciation is correct but not if spelt Sirocco.
    It’s a good job we stopped calling the Audi when first introduced into the UK as Ordi.

    It’s a funny old world knowing how to pronounce the name of your favourite car but I now know I won’t look stupid when I order my new Pagani!

  3. I would consider the VW ‘common pronunciation’ more grammatically correct as it is spelt ‘Sirocco’ and not ‘Scirocco’.

  4. Well if Volkswagen can not spell Scirocco what do they expect!

    • Hi Peter – thanks for your comment. We made an error in regards to the spelling of the VW Scirocco. As such, we have now adjusted our graphic to reflect this correction. Apologies for the error.

  5. Scirocco is how you spell it!

  6. Its all down to how pedantic you are. If in England and its spelt in a particular way, how can it be wrong to pronounce it correctly in English. The mistake is for manufacturers to use ponsified names for bits of recycled scrap metal.
    Do you honestly think the french or yanks pronounce English words correctly?? They can’t even spell centre park!!

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