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  22 Responses to “The Most Reliable Cars of 2016”

  1. I would agree with Land Rover being second in least reliable brand I had a Discovery 3, with less than 40K miles on it and it needed around 8K in repairs over 2 years before it was 6 years old.

    • I agree my range rover sport needed a new steering rack before 40000 miles and has had numerous assorted other problems that the dealership too several visites to sort out and all cost a fortune.

  2. It is a pity 5hat one cannot by new Daihatsus or Chevroletes any more. However we can still buy cars from the Tata brands. Who said we British have common sense.

  3. It is interesting to note that the least reliable cars are expensive models with presumably lots of extras that can go wrong and that are expensive to fix. Does this tend to skew the results compared to say a Honda Jazz that also has a certain demographic driver? I owned a Jazz, very reliable and would certainly have another by the way.

  4. Interesting that the Mitsu Lancer is most reliable yet you see very few on our roads. I’ve never owned a Mitsubishi but perhaps this survey gives food for thought… one for the future?

  5. No trouble with my Jaguar XF 2012

  6. Interesting that the most unreliable are mainly “premium” cars – more complex so more to go wrong. If you want toys and performance then there is an ongoing price to pay?

  7. Would like to know how this is worked out? Because every claim I tried to make with warranty direct they told me it was not covered, so therefore no claims we’re made for my Citroen so that would have made it look very reliable!

  8. Rover…..

  9. Interesting reading. I have to say that I am unsurprised by the number of German cars as this chimes with my/family experience. My only surprise is that there are no VW’s (the Audi/Skoda excepted) as, and contrary to the perception of the great British public, their reliability simply is not up to the mark particularly considering the price premium.

    Isn’t it strange that we are conditioned to believe that anything German is wonderful despite survey after survey (eg. JD Power) that suggests otherwise…. I wonder why??

  10. I drove Rover 800 and 75s for 20 years [1 had 153000 miles on its clock] without ever having a technical problem. Equally my Jaguar has no problems apart from being envied for its performance and comfort by all my passengers. My Jaguar dealer has the finest service level I have had in 60 years of motoring!
    Which gutter did they drag up their data from?

  11. I have had a Land Rover Range Rover for 2 1/2 years all it needed was an alternator at 87000 under warranty.

  12. Im surprised vauxhall didnt make the unreliable list. My 2007 astra was the worst car I ever had. It had 35k miles on when i got it and I spent 5k fixing all the problems I had with it over the 1 1/2 years I had it. When the gearbox went I finally had to get rid.

  13. I bought a new Nissan Qashqai and from the start I have trouble with the engine management system e.g. the engine will sudden sound like a tractor, it said my tyre had deflated but the RAC checked it out. in the end they said it was a false reading. There are other problems as well. It has been back to the garage several times and they say there is nothing wrong.

  14. For 2016 is Rover really the 8th most reliable brand and a Nissan Almera Tino the 5th most reliable car, or is this another rehash of old data

  15. I agree my range rover sport needed a new steering rack before 40000 miles and has had numerous assorted other problems that the dealership too several visites to sort out and all cost a fortune.

  16. I wonder if the reliability of the Discovery is related to the model. I have had a Discovery 4 (12 registration) for three and a half years covering 30000 miles (6000 towing a caravan) and have had only one minor problem of a belt tensioner coming loose. cost to replace £150.

  17. Agree I had a 2012 freelander, broke down twice two weeks after I collected car. Jeep is far better.

  18. This data is based on Warranty Direct claims, as it says at the top, and I suspect the expensive cars/brands are impacted by the costs as well as actual breakdowns.

    As the data is using cars 3 to 8 years old it is not surprising to see Rovers and older models.

    This data is more relevant to people who buy older/second hand cars, JD surveys tend to be newer cars.

    Having said all that, the marketing departments of companies like Volkswagen do seem to have fooled many, as generally in any survey they appear mid way in the tables.

  19. In the above classifications I would be very interested to see an extra column which gave the number of cars covered and the number of cars that were subject to claims. this could put a a very different slant on some of the results.

    How the vehicle is used will affect the breakdown rate, for example cars that spend their life doing short stop and start runs in London are often seen being attended to on the first stretch of the M1 out of London, often the first time in many months that the car exceeds 3 – 25 mph in many months.

    • Quite right. Many years ago, when I came home for the weekend, I took my mother’s Alfa Romeo Guilin Ti for a blast down, the then new, M1 in Northern Ireland. By the time I got back home, it was singing sweetly. Job done!

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