Apr 272016

Used cars that have covered ‘starship mileages’ of 150,000 or more are no longer off-putting to buyers if the condition and the badge is right, reports car price guide specialist Glass’s Guide. They also believe that a healthy market has developed for prestige cars that would once have been considered almost unsaleable.

Rupert Pontin, head of valuations, said: “A high-level Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi or Jaguar that has covered 100,000-150,000 miles at five to eight years old is probably worth at least 10% less than identical models that have only done an average of 10,000 miles per year.

“However, if it has been properly maintained, the starship car probably looks every bit as good and, thanks to good build quality, is probably not much less reliable or much more expensive to run.

“It’s a cost effective way of getting behind the wheel of a nice car that will impress the neighbours.

“Buyers are waking up to the fact that these vehicles represent something of a bargain and we are seeing an increase in demand. There are also a number of specialist dealers that specifically supply this sector.”

Pontin said the market was catching on to the fact that modern cars were capable of much higher mileages than even just a few years ago.

“Even at the turn of the century, 100,000 miles meant that a car was nearing the end of its useful life. Nowadays, cars at that mileage are just getting into their stride. If properly maintained, most modern models are capable of 250,000 miles and even more.

“This is true of nearly all cars but the advantage that higher level, prestige models have is that the quality of their finish is higher than the mass market.

“This is especially true of interiors. A well-cared-for high mileage Audi A6 or A8 will still be a very nice place in which to sit, for example, with little obvious wear.

“If you make the basic checks on condition and ensure that they have a comprehensive service history, these vehicles can make an excellent buy. They are potentially no more than half way through their lives.”

Pontin added that what tended to eventually kill older cars of this type was not the fact that they were no longer viable vehicles but that the repairs needed to keep them on the road were no longer economically sustainable.

“Big prestige cars like Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series can keep going almost forever if properly maintained,” he said.

“However, they reach a point after a decade or so where they are worth just a couple of thousand or few hundred pounds and something breaks that is small but essential and expensive to repair.”


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  1. Very interesting that Warranty Direct should publish an article about the viability of 150,000 mile cars, yet even their most basic level of cover is not available after 120,000 miles. Perhaps their underwriters should be sent these articles as well?

    • Thank you for your post regarding this article. Our blog posts are based on generic motor news stories that are currently in circulation with the hope they will interest our readers. We do, however, offer Warranty Lite product that covers cars up to 16 years of age and/or 160,000 recorded miles. If you are interested in this product please call our number on 0800 731 7001.

  2. I am driving a 14yr old XJ8 @ 80k miles, owned for the past two years – virtually just run in!
    Immaculate and a joy to drive. Sensible motorway cruising at 2.2k revs (75mph) returns 31.5mpg.
    Maintained properly it is no more expensive to run than a 2lt Euro box.
    6-8k miles per year makes it one of the most sensible cars I have ever owned. Bought as a weekend cruiser for sunny days and Sundays, it have morphed into being used almost every day.

  3. how about a volvo 850 2 litre estate car? with 155,000 on the clock. running as sweetly as ever

  4. I think this is totally true. Car design and reliability has improved massively over the last few years, and apart from styling and personal preference, you can’t really buy a bad car these days. The days of “will it start this morning” are long gone. People are still very much focused on mileage as a tick box to whether they progress with a purchase, but they are definitely missing out on potentially higher end cars for the price of a low mileage Mondeo. I’m running a fully loaded Overfinch Range Rover Autobiography which looks like it has never been sat in, in the back and drives like it’s just come off the forecourt, accept that it has 120 k on the clock, but with a Full Land Rover service history and an AA check that came out clean, it is for sure one of the best car purchases I have ever made.

  5. My uncle has a 2006 honda civic diesel which has done 206,000 miles and it drives so much nicer than my mum 2009 civic with the same engine which has 108,900 miles. I had to say to my dad when we bough our civic that mileage isn’t anything to worry about as long as it that the service history to back it all up

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