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If you want a small 4 x 4 shaped car to get to shops, but off road ability is not essential, then there are two extremes to choose from.

Why Buy?

You will go for the Suzuki SX4 because it is great value for money and it is tough and practical rather than being stylish. It’s the sensible choice. The Freelander is the one that everyone wants because it is made by Land Rover, it looks the 4 x 4 part and if they needed to go off road it is brilliant.

Which models?

The SX4 was introduced in 2006. It is well equipped and the 1.6 petrol model is cheap to run and more than adequate for buyers who don’t do many miles. Although the Freelander has been around for some time this is a revised 2006 model. The diesel versions are the most sought after.

Are they reliable?

Suzuki has a reputation for reliability, rather than excitement, not only that they rarely break down and the Warranty Direct figures bear this out. By contrast, the Land Rover is expensive to fix and is well known for being more of a financial drain.

How much do they cost?

The Suzuki starts at £1700 for a 2006 model and it will be in mint condition. £5500 buys a 2012 example from a dealer, which is great value.

Freelander’s from 2006 start at around £2500 for a three door Td4 example. The best 5 door though will be £5500, so prices vary hugely.

Sum Up: It’s obvious, money to burn, but you want to make a statement: Freelander. Meanwhile, the realist will buy a Suzuki SX4.

Suzuki SX4 

Average Repair Cost: £192.90

Axle and Suspension: 57.69%*

Transmission: 11.54%*

Electrical: 11.54%*

Warranty Direct Rating: Above Average

* failure rate

Land Rover Freelander

Average Repair Cost: £403.14

Transmission: 22.14*

Electrical: 26.97%*

Engine: 12.47*

Warranty Direct Rating: Below Average

* failure rate

  5 Responses to “Used Car Comparison: Suzuki SX4 vs Land Rover Freelander”

  1. Land Rover have lost the plot by dropping the Freelander…………..

  2. i agree with digby i have had landrovers all my driving life ,and have a freelander2 my second one and i like it
    very much ,i am 73 years of age and started with a landrover series 1 i think landrover is only interested in the rich in our society all new landrovers start at over thirty thousand pounds now the freelander 2 i now drive is my first new landrover and no doubt my last.

  3. I have recently aquired a Freelander 2004 with low milage and in great condition, it is great to drive, only problem is that it is manual, I always drive autos and it is a two door. I am looking around for a five door auto , low milage in good condition but they seem to be popular. It appears that people hold on to them until they have very high mileage.

  4. Just bought a Freelander 1 manual diesel 2.0 and I love it! great to drive. If it breaks I will fix it cos it’s a keeper for now!

  5. I had a Freelander 2005. I bought it new and did 70,000 over 8 years before I traded it in for a BMW X1 X-drive Automatic. I was really pleased with the Freelander and it had good handling and was excellent in serious snow and heavy rain. It was a 1.8 litre Petrol Manual. I would have another Freelander, but would probably go for the Diesel TD4 Auto. The BMW X1 X-Drive 2,0 litre turbo diesel is much better though, 4×4, great in the snow, the power of a sports car ( 178BHP ) and excellent handling and only needs a service every 20k miles and does 40mpg. Not as much boot space as the Freelander though, but then there is always the BMW X3. Nice One.

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