Dec 222015

The festive holidays are almost here! As such, our opening hours will change during the main festive period, our opening hours for Sales and Claims are displayed below:

Date Sales Opening Hours Claims Opening Hours
Christmas Eve (Thursday 24th Dec) 8:30am to 1:00pm 8:30am to 1:00pm
Christmas Day (Friday 25th Dec) CLOSED CLOSED
Boxing Day (Saturday 26th Dec) CLOSED CLOSED
Sunday 27th Dec CLOSED CLOSED
Monday 28th Dec CLOSED CLOSED
Tuesday 29th Dec 8:30am to 6pm 8:30am to 5:30pm
Wednesday 30th Dec 8:30am to 6pm 8:30am to 5:30pm
New Years’ Eve (Thursday 31st Dec) 8:30am to 1:00pm 8:30am to 1:00pm
New Years’ Day (Friday 1st Jan) CLOSED CLOSED
Saturday 2nd Jan 9:00am to 4pm 9:00am – 12:30pm


For more information about contacting us over the festive period, you can visit our website here.

Warranty Direct would like to take this time to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Dec 112015

Aiming to inform all the Reliability Index , made possible by Warranty Direct, helps car owners find out how reliable their vehicle will be in the years to come after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Taking factors into account include breakdowns, age, mileage and car efficiency, the results help inform motorists what to possibly expect with their cars.

This week’s car: Kia Picanto (2004-2011)








Reliabilty Index Score: Good

If ever there was a car that turned round a company’s fortunes it was the Picanto, which proved Kia was capable of producing genuinely great cars. With its relatively generous equipment levels, spacious cabin and generally excellent build quality, the Picanto is surprisingly good to drive too, while running costs are commendably low. Most Picanto owners have also enjoyed excellent reliability too; it’s no wonder the Picanto is so sought after.

Written by Richard Dredge

What’s great about this car?

Spacious cabin / Value / Reliability / Looks / Agility

What’s not so great?

Sluggish / Tiny boot

Things to keep an eye on

  • Handbrakes can fail once the car has been left; the rear discs cool and contract.
  • The Picanto is popular with driving schools, so look at who has owned the car before.
  • Crankshaft retaining bolts can wear or break, wrecking the engine.
  • There’s a canister of foam instead of a spare wheel, but the well in the boot floor can accommodate a full-sized wheel.
  • If the idle speed is all over the place when the car is started, it’s usually a sticking idle speed control or faulty throttle positioning sensor.
  • Anti-roll bar bushes dry out, leading to creaking from the steering.
  • No chassis number in the bottom of the windscreen? This can mean that the screen has been replaced.
  • Oil on the underside of the engine suggests the crankshaft oil seal has failed.

For more in-depth details of this car, visit the page at the Reliability Index.


Dec 102015

With potholes estimated to cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads and costing motorists an estimated £730 million every year, has been created to help you avoid the cost and misery they cause thanks to Warranty Direct.

The website can provide information advising how to make a claim against a local council regarding pothole damage to your car or if you just want to report a poor piece of road. With access to similar stories and related news, aims to help motorists fight back against this road misery.

You can also follow’s Facebook page where the latest stories regarding pothole disasters and triumphs are shared. Here’s a selection of recently shared news stories.

County Council trials new technology for tackling potholes – Harrogate Informer






With new technology and processes being investigated to help tackle pothole repairs, the Harrogate Informer focuses on one new technology being trialled across the Harrogate district. The Velocity Jet Patcher is designed to fill potholes much faster than conventional methods. The process takes only a couple of minutes for each hole with no excavation, no waste materials and the filled hole ready to drive on immediately. Promising technology at work….

Potholes: the scourge of cyclists returns for the winter – Cycling Weekly







With Winter upon us, Cycling Weekly advises the best course of action to deal with potholes this season. Potholes can prove deadly to cyclists if avoiding them forces them out into the road and being hit by other vehicles. Although it’s hard to predict where a pothole might occur on a cyclist’s travels, there are a few things riders can do to reduce incidents or injuries attributed to potholes.

More than 45,000 potholes repaired across Worcestershire – in just 18 MONTHS – Worchester News

Worcestershire County Council have revealed that they repaired 45,000 potholes in just 18 months. Since April 2014, highway workers have patched around 83 potholes every day. Another 15,000 are due to be completed by next year.

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Dec 072015

Another week begins the motor world and we here at Warranty Direct have a selection of the news stories catching our eye lately.

Why WeBuyAnyCar price ‘guarantees’ deserve to be scrapped – This Is Money





This Is Money takes a look at the car buyer’s inspection process following reports from several upset readers who have had bad experiences selling their car to the company. Readers are finding their online guaranteed price is knocked down considerably for the smallest reasons after the company inspects their vehicle.

Nissan ramps up in Sunderland – The Telegraph







Following their success in the mass production of the Nissan Qashqai, the North East plant has been chose to build Nissan’s luxury Infiniti model by the Japanese car giant. This will come as part of a £250 million investment in the factory, a landmark move seen as a triumph for the British industry.

£60,000 electric car has UK’s slowest depreciation rate – Manchester Evening News







It may have had some issues recently with a mass recall due to a faulty seatbelt mechanism but there are positives for owning a Tesla Model S. The electric car has the slowest depreciation rate compared to other cars and this has become an increasingly important factor in products such as GAP Cover Insurance.

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