Nov 272015

In the last two years more than four million car owners have had to keep their car off the road because they couldn’t afford repairs needed on their vehicle. With 21 million owners saying they have needed repairs in the last two years, this could mean that one in five (19%) have been forced to go without their car while they got their finances in order.

That’s according to Kwik Fit, the automotive repair and servicing company, who also revealed half of these motorists (2 million) had to keep their car off the road for a month or longer.

A shortage of money has driven many drivers to make some risky decisions.  Over 1.2 million drivers admitted to having driven their car in an unroadworthy condition because they couldn’t afford repairs with men twice as likely as women to have done so.

Many drivers carry out repairs themselves, which is obviously not a problem in itself.  However, a third of car owners who either carried out a repair themselves or had a friend or relative do it for them say they were concerned about the quality of that repair.  In a cautionary tale for second hand car buyers, nearly half a million motorists say that although they were concerned about their DIY repairs they didn’t do anything about it as they sold the car soon afterwards.

The study also gave an indication that the policy of prevention being better than cure is as relevant to our cars as it is to our bodies.   More than three quarters (77%) of those skipping their car’s annual service had to get repairs carried out on their car in the last two years.  The equivalent figure for those who maintained their car’s annual service record was 56%, suggesting that regular servicing helps keep the need for repairs at bay.

  8 Responses to “Budget or Bodge It?”

  1. I wouldnt put my car into Kwik Fit if they was to pay me..Over priced and most are training sent from the College!!!!Dont believe the hype that the press print as its a pack of lies!!!

  2. Load of crap about repairs I have a warranty with you when my cluch and flywheel went wrong you wouldn’t even cover the repairs

  3. I am looking for a warranty for my car

  4. I do not recommend anyone to take out this policy. I took it out for reassurance when I bought my new car. The engineers are nothing but rude and that’s being polite and extremely unhelpful you are trying not to pay out for my c k aim coming up with allsorts. My Complaint is endless. The claim has been ongoing now for two months and I still awaiting a response. Complete and utter joke..

    • We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our service. We have forwarded your comments to our customer relations department and they are currently looking into your complaint. They will correspond with you shortly.

  5. Great post. I ‘m confronting a couple of these issues.

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