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Chevrolet Captiva vs Land Rover Discovery

So you want an off roader, but do you go for the prestige badge or the value 4 x 4 brand?

Why Buy?

The Captiva is the more obvious new buy, but it is still tremendous value as a secondhand buy for those who want 7 seat flexibility. The seats are also a feature of the Discovery, but many choose this by reputation for its off road ability and on road image.

Which models?

Captiva 2007 onward, however it was revised in 2011 with a new diesel engine. There was another facelift in 2013, making them more expensive. The revised Discovery 3 came out in 2004 and although there was a petrol, most models on sale are V6 diesels.

Are they reliable?

On the whole the Captiva has proved to be a dependable vehicle, however, Warranty Direct highlight the suspension as a major weak spot. Land Rover also has a problem in that area and overall they have a bit of a reputation for breaking down.

How much do they cost?

Prices for the Captiva start at £2500 for a high mileage example, it would be better to pay £7000 for a tidy vehicle. Values of the Discovery stay firm so the lowest you could pay is £5000. However, cheap ones are guaranteed trouble, so spend at least £10,000.

Sum Up: In realistic, practical and price terms you would go for the Captiva. If you want the badge then it is the Discovery.

Chevrolet Captiva

Average Repair Cost: £276.30

Axle and Suspension: 37.66%*

Electrical: 20.78%*

Engine: 14.29%*

Warranty Direct Rating: Below Average

* failure rate

Land Rover Discovery

Average Repair Cost: £368.95

Electrical: 18.82*

Axle/Suspension: 42.76%*

Engine: 13.33*

Warranty Direct Rating: Poor


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