Oct 282015

You might be very bored by the whole Volkswagen ‘cheat software situation’, but should we be worried? Will it make VWs worth less? Should we still buy a used VW? Warranty Direct can help answer those questions, especially as it also relates to companies that are part of the VW group, including SEAT, Skoda and Audi.

For the moment though it is probably best to keep on driving your VW group diesel. If you are happy and it does the job then don’t worry and certainly don’t panic sell.

Want to buy a diesel? A used one may well be a tad cheaper and you can play all sorts of games with sellers, especially dealers who can only see a depreciating asset in the corner of the forecourt. If you are spending say up to £5-6K you won’t lose that much over a few years.

Do you really need a diesel? I have been consistent on this matter, and clearly the environmental arguments don’t exactly stack up. Their economy is good and better than anything else even if that might be called into question as well. But essentially, for knocking around the locality, you could choose a less problematic petrol.

Don’t believe us? Well, Euro Car Parts spoke to one of their customers D&D Autos, in Ashford, Kent, is a recent winner of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF)Garage of the Year award.

Bosch Master Technician, Matthew Pestridge, workshop manager at D&D Autos, said: “It is surprising to see a brand like VW suffering an issue like this but, despite all the headlines, we have not had a single call about it. Owners who bought a VW because of their environmental performance will rightly be shocked, but most buy on comfort, reliability and badge.”

  4 Responses to “Volkswagen Diesels, should you worry?”

  1. Our car is affected and is a 2010 Passat with extended warranty with you. It is due an mot next March. As this problem is now known and my car is still awaiting modification. What’s is stopping the government from making changes to the mot equipment so that as yet unmodified vechiles are detected and fail their mot..?

  2. I have recently sold my old VW car and have leased a new one. I have only praise for my old car it was fantastic in almost every way, but it was five years old.
    VW have contacted me to say it was affected by the current issue, but I don’t actually care too much about the issues raised recently. Other than we were mislead by the computer software.
    All cars are polluters, but until they can give us a vehicle that doesn’t cause pollution we have no choice but to keep using them.
    I can’t believe that VW are the only company that has fitted this software to their cars.
    Aren’t most car software systems made by just a few manufacturers.
    Surely they must all know and want their vehicles to be listed in the most efficient class.
    I’m more concerned about the vehicle travelling in front of me blowing out thick black smoke from its worn engine and making me cough when it enters my cars air system.

  3. Our Seat Exeo (with one of the affected engines) works perfectly and has been completely reliable over 41/2 years. Why would anyone be concerned? I am sure that it has less harmful emissions than the majority of London taxis, buses and most heavy lorries. The whole issue is a storm in a tea cup stirred up by the Green lobby. Why does Oxford Street have the highest air pollution in London when private cars are banned?

  4. Bought a 2 litre Passat secondhand, just over 2 years old then and had done 22000 miles. Is now 6 years old, done 55500 miles and still making me smile. Not very clever mileage around town but get cracking mileage on weekend jaunts around the country, rangeing from Thurso in the north to South Yorkshire and lancashire. Comfortable leather heated seats, a good turn of speed from the Turbo when required, can’t ask for more. Has been no problem over the last four years and consistantly keeps going and going and going. Would have no problem buying another Passat, in fact this would be my first choice for my next car, either new or secondhand. My only slight worry is that when they remove this “widget” from my car, will it impact on the performance, Mpg etc etc

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