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As the dark nights draw in and Halloween approaches, Warranty Direct has used insights from its unique Reliability Index to conjure up a horrific ‘horror’ car that would give its owners nightmares all year round.

The vehicle, known as the Horrific H-0WL3R, is constructed from car components which statistically are the most prone to failure. As a result it breaks down every other month and regularly feasts on the contents of its owner’s bank account, costing an average of £487 to repair.

Warranty Direct analysed data from 50,000 live policies to create this Frankenstein’s monster of the automotive world, using failure rates to determine which parts should be bolted on to the ultimate horror vehicle.

The catastrophic components of the ‘Horrific H-0WL3R’

Make Year Car part
Mitsubishi Outlander 07- Engine
Mazda 5 05- Axle & suspension
Chevrolet Tacuma 05-11 Gearbox
Lexus GS 05- Electrics
Mazda MX-5 05- Braking system
Honda CR-V 07- Air-Conditioning
Chevrolet Tacuma 05-11 Steering System


Sitting on the Mazda 5’s axle and suspension system, the Horrific H-0WL3R would most likely spend much of its time coming to grief over Britain’s poor quality road surfaces, breaking in the process, as the suspension inflicts problems on almost three quarters of Mazda 5s.

Power comes from a motor torn from under the bonnet of a Mitsubishi Outlander. This engine will be to blame for almost half of the many failed starts that the Horrific H-0WL3R will experience, with some 48.3% blighted by such issues.

Once started, stopping the Horrific H-0WL3R could also make your heart skip a beat. Surprisingly, the Mazda MX-5 donates its braking system to the H-0WL3R. Although the car experiences most problems as infrequently as Halloween itself, in almost 50% of these instances, the issue is related to the brakes.

Adding to this engineering monstrosity is the Chevrolet Tacuma. For drivers of the Horrific H-0WL3R, turning corners and swapping cogs will most likely be an unpleasant experience thanks to a steering system and gearbox which have both been proven to plague 33% of Tacumas with reliability woes.

Passengers too will feel the car’s wrath but via its temperamental electrics and ventilation system. The complex electrics of a Lexus GS will cause regular headaches with a 67% failure rate, while the wheezing air conditioning system of a Honda CR-V is likely to bring unpredictable temperatures and a lamentable failure rate of 18.4%.

David Gerrans, Managing Director of Warranty Direct commented, “This Halloween vehicle is the culmination of motorists’ nightmares, guaranteeing inconvenient and expensive breakdowns if it was ever to be built.

“Thankfully it is fictional and can’t be found on the market, nonetheless, it does highlight the Achilles heel of different vehicles, some of which are generally reliable, but could cause a fright as a result of a rogue component.”

Oct 292015







Chevrolet Captiva vs Land Rover Discovery

So you want an off roader, but do you go for the prestige badge or the value 4 x 4 brand?

Why Buy?

The Captiva is the more obvious new buy, but it is still tremendous value as a secondhand buy for those who want 7 seat flexibility. The seats are also a feature of the Discovery, but many choose this by reputation for its off road ability and on road image.

Which models?

Captiva 2007 onward, however it was revised in 2011 with a new diesel engine. There was another facelift in 2013, making them more expensive. The revised Discovery 3 came out in 2004 and although there was a petrol, most models on sale are V6 diesels.

Are they reliable?

On the whole the Captiva has proved to be a dependable vehicle, however, Warranty Direct highlight the suspension as a major weak spot. Land Rover also has a problem in that area and overall they have a bit of a reputation for breaking down.

How much do they cost?

Prices for the Captiva start at £2500 for a high mileage example, it would be better to pay £7000 for a tidy vehicle. Values of the Discovery stay firm so the lowest you could pay is £5000. However, cheap ones are guaranteed trouble, so spend at least £10,000.

Sum Up: In realistic, practical and price terms you would go for the Captiva. If you want the badge then it is the Discovery.

Chevrolet Captiva

Average Repair Cost: £276.30

Axle and Suspension: 37.66%*

Electrical: 20.78%*

Engine: 14.29%*

Warranty Direct Rating: Below Average

* failure rate

Land Rover Discovery

Average Repair Cost: £368.95

Electrical: 18.82*

Axle/Suspension: 42.76%*

Engine: 13.33*

Warranty Direct Rating: Poor


Oct 282015

You might be very bored by the whole Volkswagen ‘cheat software situation’, but should we be worried? Will it make VWs worth less? Should we still buy a used VW? Warranty Direct can help answer those questions, especially as it also relates to companies that are part of the VW group, including SEAT, Skoda and Audi.

For the moment though it is probably best to keep on driving your VW group diesel. If you are happy and it does the job then don’t worry and certainly don’t panic sell.

Want to buy a diesel? A used one may well be a tad cheaper and you can play all sorts of games with sellers, especially dealers who can only see a depreciating asset in the corner of the forecourt. If you are spending say up to £5-6K you won’t lose that much over a few years.

Do you really need a diesel? I have been consistent on this matter, and clearly the environmental arguments don’t exactly stack up. Their economy is good and better than anything else even if that might be called into question as well. But essentially, for knocking around the locality, you could choose a less problematic petrol.

Don’t believe us? Well, Euro Car Parts spoke to one of their customers D&D Autos, in Ashford, Kent, is a recent winner of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF)Garage of the Year award.

Bosch Master Technician, Matthew Pestridge, workshop manager at D&D Autos, said: “It is surprising to see a brand like VW suffering an issue like this but, despite all the headlines, we have not had a single call about it. Owners who bought a VW because of their environmental performance will rightly be shocked, but most buy on comfort, reliability and badge.”

Oct 272015

Warranty Direct has launched a newly-upgraded website http://www.warrantydirect.co.uk/, specifically designed to make it even faster and easier for customers to get an online quote.

The company is the UK’s leading provider of direct consumer automotive warranties and has over 50,000 live policies active.

Warranty Direct’s new site delivers a much faster quote and application process and has been optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop use, allowing you to get an instant quote wherever you are.

Warranty Direct managing director, David Gerrans, said: “We live in an increasingly connected world and we understand that the consumer’s time is precious, so we’ve made our new site as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

“As customers use their smartphones and tablets more and more to shop or research potential purchases, it’s important that we continue our drive into the connected devices space, offering people our services on their preferred gadgets and on the move.”

The new website features an all-new creative design and layout, which houses the company’s warranty, breakdown recovery, servicing and MoT products.

Warranty Direct is one of the only companies to cover many of the ‘loophole’ clauses excluded by most other extended warranty providers – these include parts failing through wear & tear*, failure of an insured part caused by the failure of an uninsured part and faults found during standard service and MoT procedures.

Warranty Direct cover starts from as little as £15 a month**. For a quote on cover please visit www.warrantydirect.co.uk. For information on the reliability of your vehicle, visit www.reliabilityindex.com

* – Covered from day 1 on renewals or continuing a manufacturer’s policy. Otherwise a 90 day exclusion period applies.

** – price based on a Toyota Auris T2

Oct 152015

Potholes_logoWith potholes estimated to cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads and costing motorists an estimated £730 million every year, Potholes.co.uk has been created to help you avoid the cost and misery they cause thanks to Warranty Direct.

The website can provide information advising how to make a claim against a local council regarding pothole damage to your car or if you just want to report a poor piece of road. With access to similar stories and related news, Potholes.co.uk aims to help motorists fight back against this road misery.

You can also follow Potholes.co.uk’s Facebook page where the latest stories regarding pothole disasters and triumphs are shared. Here’s a selection of recently shared news stories this past week:

Derby City Council Defends Pothole Fixing Record – Derby Telegraph







Derby City Council has declared that they’re pulling out all the stops to fill potholes across Derby roads. They’re backing up with the claim by announcing that the council has seen an increase of nearly 50% in productivity regarding road resurfacing.

Angus Council declares ‘Victory’ over county potholes – The Courier






Having set some ambitious targets regarding road maintenance, Angus council are declaring victory against potholes as they edge ever closer to hitting their goals. A proposed review of how potholes are tackled should benefit from this achievement as the winter months approach.

“Wrong” kind of Pothole will not be fixed quickly – Western Morning News







A new trial policy put forward by Devon County Council might throw a spanner in the works when it comes to resurfacing roads affected by Potholes. The “wrong” kind of pothole may be classed as a low priority. Suffice to say, the logistics of this trial policy have not gone down well with residents and politicians in the area.

To see more stories from the world of potholes, you can follow Potholes.co.uk’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.