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Aiming to inform all the Reliability Index, made possible by Warranty Direct, helps car owners find out how reliable their vehicle will be in the years to come after their car falls out of the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Taking factors into account include breakdowns, age, mileage and car efficiency, the results help inform motorists what to possibly expect with their cars.

This week’s car:  Toyota Corolla (2001-2006)








Reliabilty Index Score:  Good

It’s the car that had a charisma bypass while it was on the drawing board, but with one of the highest levels of reliability around, you could be forgiven for overlooking the Corolla’s unexciting design. After more than three decades the Corolla is an icon – just a rather less exciting one than the 911. Don’t let that put you off though – if economy and reliability are your key requirements, you won’t go far wrong with a Corolla. It’s also better to drive than you might think – but it’s no Focus.

Written by Richard Dredge

What’s great about this car?

Reliability / Practicality / Affordability

What’s not so great?

Dull design inside and out / Smaller engines struggle

Things to keep an eye on

  • Electrical faults aren’t common, but have been known – so check everything works as it should.
  • Petrol engines can use oil at an alarming rate once they’ve covered 40,000 miles – as much as a litre every 600 miles.
  • If you’re buying a Verso, check its luggage cover is intact. It’s fiddly and can get broken through ham-fisted use.
  • Brake pedal sinks to the floor on 1.4 D-4D cars with the MMT gearbox, if engine is running but car is stationary.
  • Faulty fuel cut-off switch leads to car cutting out intermittently; diagnostics won’t show this though.

For more in-depth details of this car, visit the page at the Reliability Index.

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