Sep 222015

Buy Used Bargins Now Photo

Although the UK’s biggest car-buying brand, What Car?, is  quite rightly urging eager buyers to hold their nerves in  negotiations with dealership salesmen in order to secure the  best prices on new cars, the simple truth is right now is the  best time to buy used and back it up with cover from  Warranty Direct.

Traditionally the fortunes of the new and used car markets  have been linked to the change of registration plate. So when that happens this creates an artificially high demand for new cars and to help pay for them, a larger number of part exchanges flood into the car trade. This situation provides a variety of opportunities for the buyer after a bargain.

It is September and the 65 plate change sees many people part exchange their old cars and this is your chance to pick up those vehicles for less because suddenly there are lots more used cars around.

Although you still need to take your time when buying protecting yourself with Warranty Direct cover is essential for complete peace of mind.

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