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Aiming to inform all the Reliability Index, made possible by Warranty Direct, helps car owners find out how reliable their vehicle will be in the years to come after it’s fallen out of its manufacturer’s warranty.

Taking factors into account including breakdowns, age, mileage and car efficiency, the Reliability Index’s results come from over a decade’s worth of data provided by Warranty Direct. These results come from data formed from the many claims it has paid to keep UK motorists mobile.

This week’s car: Volkswagen Lupo









Reliability Index Score: Good

Ask any Lupo owner what they think of their car and you’ll be regaled with tales of how it’s under-rated, able to cope with anything, and the best thing to come out of VW in years. And it’s not just hype; the Lupo may have been a tad costly when new – used values can also be steep – but the car makes up for it by being quite brilliant. While the 1.0-litre engine struggles on long-distance journeys, the bigger units are great, the car is brilliant around town and it’s much more practical than you might think. Proof indeed that sometimes the best things do indeed come in small packages.
[Written by Richard Dredge]

What’s great about this car?
Agility / Solidity / Cruising ability / Fab diesel / Great for two

What’s not so great?
Cramped for four

Things to keep an eye on
The automatic transmission can increase the fuel consumption more than you’d expect.
The GTi is costly to insure, despite its diminutive proportions; get a quote first.
The electrics can play up, so make sure everything works.

For more in-depth details of this car, visit the page at the Reliability Index here!

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