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hpi - EU to Outlaw Mileage Correction FirmsCar buyers have to wait until 2018 before they are protected from criminal behaviour. HPI, provider of the HPI Check®, reports that dealers firmly back proposals by the EU to introduce legislation to outlaw mileage correction firms by May 2018. The findings of a survey to HPI’s dealer community reported that 71% support the EU decision.

A further 92% of those surveyed went on to declare that dealers, who are actively adjusting odometers without declaring the act to buyers, should be sought out and prosecuted. The rising support by used car traders to address the issue of clocking follows industry calls to the Government to regulate the registering of mileages adjustments, as well as introducing more mandated occurrences of when mileage information should be collected and recorded.

Neil Hodson, Managing Director for HPI, explains, “It’s clear from our survey, that most dealers are eager to see stricter measures be put in place to tackle clocking, beyond outlawing mileage correction firms. Interestingly, 93% of dealers we surveyed said they have never had cause to adjust or correct a car’s mileage, confirming that fraud is driving this activity. The risks to traders and consumers alike are significant. A dealer who unwittingly buys and sells on a clocked car could face hefty fines and prosecution, not to mention damaging their reputation.”

Sue Robinson of the RMI adds, “We completely agree that there is a need for legislation to tackle the issue of mileage adjustment, better known as ‘clocking’. This issue is detrimental to reputable vehicle dealers and consumers alike. The Government needs to send a clear message that this behaviour is unacceptable and legislation must be changed to prevent clocking.”

Concludes Neil Hodson: “Currently, criminals out to make a fast profit can hide behind the label of legitimacy that mileage correction firms provide. Closing these firms down will ultimately reduce the number of clocked vehicles on the UK’s roads, but the changes in law are some way off and more needs to be done now to send a clear message to fraudsters that the net is closing in on them.”

  10 Responses to “EU to Outlaw Mileage Correction Firms”

  1. Yes unfortunately I was sold a clocked car but when I came too sell it for a trade in , that local garage informed me I had been clocked, I felt so sorry for this honest reply and asked if there was anything I could do but they said they get this in the motor trade and it will be sorted you enjoy the car they had sold me. I often praise this garage to people they are fantastic Honda dealers in Cornwall

  2. About bloody time

  3. Clocking
    Surely the MOT recorded mileage stops this?

  4. 91% of dealers say they have never had reason to “clock” a car? What would we expect them to say, I’m surprised it wasn’t 100% The first three years are the biggest danger zone, no MOTs and commercial driver/owners but not registered as company car but private owner.

  5. Slightly confused. Surely clocking a car has been illegal for donkeys’ years? Everyone knows it should not be done. Has it really taken until now for us to decide to rubber stamp a bit of legislation, and if so why should it still take until 2018? There should be no argument about this – it should be done now.

  6. Would a Government requirement to declare the current mileage at annual road tax renewal not stop ‘clocking’, or make it more difficult (there is always someone who finds a way to defraud!!!)
    Just needs a mileage box and a declaration that the entry is correct.

  7. Why make them sound almost legitimate by calling them ‘mileage correction firms’?

    They don’t correct the mileage, they falsify it with the intention of committing fraud. They’re criminals.

  8. Michael Godfrey above says it all Absolutely agree…!

  9. It won’t stop , no matter what you do it will simply push prices up sky high even better if you actually practise doing it

  10. For the people that think mileage correction should be illegal, you should also remember that there are lots of reason’s why it needs to be done for legitimate reason’s, for example when a dealer wants £700+ for a new dash and you want a used dash fitted and the “mileage corrected” so it displays the same as your old one and you don’t have a a car that has done 50k more miles than you really have done (devaluing your car), yes clocking should be made illegal but mileage correction done for legit reason’s shouldn’t, just my thoughts as a vehicle technician, as Marti said making something illegal does not stop it happening, with new technology coming on the latest cars clocking will be a thing of the past, leaving the clockers to roll back mileage on old cars…..

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