Aug 272015

mazda SuperbFamily cars only have to be spacious and reliable. Does the Mazda or Skoda offer anymore than that?

Why Buy?
The Mazda 6 is a good looking car, plus it has loads of room inside and for the enthusiast driver it is huge fun too. The Skoda Superb is rather more laid back majoring on masses of space and equipment and a range of versatile engines. It is all about comfort.

Which models?
The Mazda 6 is from 2007 and lasted two years with a decent specification especially if you go for the middle order TS or TS2. The 2008 Superb ran up until this year and hatchback has a huge range of engines to choose from and SE has plenty of kit despite not being top of the range.

Are they reliable?
Although Warranty Direct finds that the average repair cost is high for the Mazda the number of problem areas is restricted to a few key areas. The opposite is true of the Superb, but overall the indication is that the Japanese car will be the more durable.

How much do they cost?
The Mazda 6 starts at around £3000 and this would be a hard working ex-fleet car rising to around £7000. Around £3500 is the start for early cars rising to more than £20K for a model sold this year. £10K buys a tidy example.

Sum Up: Like we said at the beginning if you want a fun to drive car when not doing family duties you go for the Mazda 6 and if comfort and equipment is all you need then the Superb makes the perfect family car.

Mazda 6
Average Repair Cost: £473.15
Electrical: 29.27*
Axle/Suspension: 12.2%*
Engine: 136.59*
Warranty Direct Rating: Above Average to Good

* failure rate

Skoda Superb
Average Repair Cost: £341.02
Electrical: 25.93%*
Fuel System: 7.41%*
Engine: 40.74*
Warranty Direct Rating: Below Average

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