Jun 302015

Audi TT vs. Nissan 350Z

Coupes are meant to be fun. So the choice is the smooth German or the racey Japanese.

Why Buy?

The Audi TT looks very sophisticated and classy and has been available with plenty of engine options and four wheel drive. By contrast the Nissan 350Z is a much more hardcore proposition. The engine is noisier and the image is rather more dangerous.

Which models?

First major TT revamp was in 2006 when the styling was made a tad more aggressive, the handling tuned and a bit more practical space inside. As for the Nissan it is the original 350Z coupe made from 2003 to 2010, although the even more powerful 350Z was made from 2009.

Are they reliable?

Warranty Direct rate the TT as below average and cite the electrical system as the weakest area. Users are happy though rate it as good. Although the 350Z is above average when it does fail then the cost of fixing it is rather more than the Audi. Electrics again are the big issue.

How much do they cost?

Just under £7000 is the starting point for the early 2006 examples. The last of the 2013 models are still over £30,000. Early 350Zs are now around £4000 while the later cars are still £13,000 or so.

Sum Up:
These are two quite similar cars, both being sports coupes, but in so many ways they could not be more different. As we said at the beginning the TT is smooth and sophisticated and the 350Z raw. The choice is yours.


Audi TT
Average Repair Cost £389.30
Electrical: 54.32%*
Engine 12.35%*
Cooling/Heating 11.11*
Warranty Direct Rating: Below Average

* failure rate


Nissan 350Z
Average Repair Cost £527.75
Electrical 40.00%*
Axle Suspension 20.00%*
Steering 12.00%*

Warranty Direct Rating: Above Average

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