Apr 242015

pic_story2Research from Halfords shows that where a car-owner lives can reveal how they make their journey, as the retailer uncovers each region’s motoring must-haves. The best-smelling cars can be found in Crawley, where shoppers snap up the most car air fresheners, while those from Shropshire commute in the cleanest cars, with more pressure washers being sold there than anywhere else in the UK.

Irish car-owners travel with the most technology, as Galway residents buy the most Bluetooth enabled gadgets and Cork motorists buy the most car stereos.

Drivers in Norwich know their way around, as the most sat navs are sold in East Anglia, while distraction tactics are key for parents on road trips in Horsham, West Sussex as they buy the most in-car DVD players.

Car-owners in the North lead the way with safety-conscious purchases. Recent changes in the Scottish legal drink-drive limit mean that Glaswegians are snapping up the most ‘morning-after’ breathalyser products, while Geordies are the most safety-conscious drivers in the country purchasing the most dash cams, which are used to record car journeys.

The findings of the most popular motoring buys across the UK also reveals that motorists in the South are the most prepared for MOT season, buying replacement parts in advance to ensure cars pass the annual roadworthiness test. Research found that car bulbs are highly sought-after in Swindon, car batteries are proving popular in Kingston and those from Plymouth purchase the most wiper blades.

Luke Berry, motoring manager for Halfords, says: “Our motoring map shows that how you make your journey varies across the country. While travelling in a clean car is a priority in Shropshire, driving with the latest gadgets is a must-do in Ireland. And making sure your motor is MOT ready is important to Southerners who are well prepared for their travels with bulbs, blades and car batteries proving firm favourites.”

“As registration plates change in March, this month sees a peak in the number of MOT tests. Halfords carries out around 50,000 MOT tests every March at its Autocentres. By having a regular mechanical check-up you should be able to reduce your bills and keep peace of mind.”

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