Feb 272015

DieselParis (2)Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to make Paris a diesel-free city by 2020. The first step, she said, will be to ban the “most polluting” diesel delivery trucks and buses by July 2015. So could that happen here next? So should you buy a used diesel?

Hidalgo said Paris wanted to “follow the example of 200 European cities” that have created low-emission zones. A pollution peak in March 2014 caused the city authorities to ban half of all vehicles, allowing licence plates ending in an odd number or even number on alternate days.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) reported that Paris had an average of 147 microgrammes of particulate matter (PM) per cubic metre of air – compared with 114 in Brussels, 104 in Amsterdam, 81 in Berlin and 79.7 in London.

Potentially such measures could come to the UK. Buying a brand new diesel especially if a motorist covers a modest mileage would be unwise. However, used diesel cars that are over three years old are set to become cheaper. Those who want an even easier time should consider buying older petrol models that may not be subject to such restrictions.

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