Jul 292014


Mitsubishi, arguably the least known Japanese brand in the UK, is celebrating 40 years of selling its vehicles. These are cars and 4 x 4s that have turned out to be incredibly reliable. Indeed Warranty Direct celebrated its fifteenth birthday by announcing that the Mitsubishi Lancer had been the most reliable car on sale in that period.

Although the Lancer in its ordinary model incarnation was quite dull, the rally specification Evolutions were incredibly exciting. Meanwhile the Shogun off roader got on with being the world’s workhorse. In terms of motor-sport, the strength of Mitsubishis 4×4 heritage was demonstrated by a record breaking 12th victory in the 2007 Dakar rally – the seventh successive victory for the Japanese manufacturer.

The number one selling Mitsubishi vehicle in the UK in recent years has been the L200 pick-up. The L200 drove forward the success of Mitsubishi in the pick-up segment in the UK, remaining the retail market leader for over 10 years. The i-MiEV was, and is, an important vehicle for Mitsubishi and made a statement back in 2009 to the global car industry as the very first mass-produced, zero emission full electric vehicle ever. Mitsubishi continually strengthen and refresh our product line-up with the introduction of new and innovative products such as the ASX crossover vehicle launched in 2010, the compact Mirage and the all-new Outlander both launched in 2013 and the PHEV version of this Outlander will be Mitsubishi Motors’ first EV-based, Plug-in Hybrid, drawing on our extensive electronic know-how and 4-Wheel-Drive expertise.

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