May 282014

Ford (Blog)Britain’s best-loved new car again underlined its claim to the crown in the world of cost-conscious motoring, beating strong challenges from Volkswagen in particular. Yes it is the Ford Fiesta.

Every month the independent car cost experts at CAP measure consumer interest in the long-range financial impact of cars researched by visitors to its specialist ‘Total Cost of Motoring’ tool.

The data provides insight to manufacturers and motor dealers wanting to understand trends in consumer tastes for new cars.

It consistently reveals the growing interest among motorists in the all-round costs of owning cars over time, which include depreciation, service and maintenance, fuel and road tax.

The reputation of German brands such as Volkswagen and BMW is also highlighted by the consistent appearance of 2 models from each in CAP’s monthly ‘Total Cost of Motoring’ top 10.

In April both diesel and petrol versions of the Volkswagen Golf remained in the chart for the 2nd month running. BMW 3 Series and 5 Series also held onto chart places again – proving that even the buyers of ‘executive’ models are increasingly conscious of the impact of car ownership on their personal budget.

Jaguar made a fresh entry into the chart with its XF diesel saloon, while new entries were also registered by Mercedes-Benz, with the C Class diesel, and Volvo’s popular XC60 diesel.

The belief among consumers that diesel cars are likely to cost less to run over time is also revealed by the domination of the chart by oil burners. The only petrol cars to feature during April were Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

CAP’s Retail & Consumer expert, Philip Nothard, said: “Once again our website user data shows that people are looking harder at running costs than ever before and are definitely in the market for cars they believe represent the best value.

“Motorists who come to us for an independent valuation of their existing car are also typically moving on to investigate another car that may prove cheaper to own over time.

“It is also interesting that, given a completely free choice of car running costs to investigate, the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf and larger BMW models continue to keep most other contenders outside the top 10.”

May 282014

Mini (Blog)MINI has the strongest UK residual values of 34 car manufacturers, an independent study by Glass’s has found. With an annual average depreciation of just 16.4 per cent, MINI customers benefit from the strongest residual values in the industry. Glass’s study, scrutinised cars at one, three, five and seven years old to obtain fair depreciation figures.

MINI’s industry leading depreciation figures means UK customers can experience depreciation up to 10 percentage points less on their vehicle per year compared with the worst performing manufacturers. This can amount to saving of thousands of pounds when selling the vehicle.

Andrew Jackson, Head of Analytics at Glass’s, comments: “Considering that MINI operates within a classically high-RV-performing segment, combined with the desirable nature of the brand, meant that even for vehicles aged seven years, the percentage of cost new that can be expected from a MINI was appreciably more than any other brand.”

As well as strong residual values offered by entry level MINI models, many of the brand’s options and customisation choices further improve residual values for customers come resale time. This translates into affordable leasing rates ensuring MINI customers can enjoy the options they want on their vehicle for less.

May 282014

Peugot (Blog)

Peugeot’s funky small crossover SUV the 2008 has received a ringing endorsement from Britain’s car buyers in the form of fast used car sales. With an average selling time of just 24.8 days it has risen from 7th to 1st place in the latest monthly league table published by a car price guide.

Other manufacturers with cause to celebrate include Audi, which holds four spots in the top 10, while perhaps the biggest surprise is the Rover 25 bursting in at number 2.

            Glass’s league of fastest selling used cars – best performing

Manufacturer Model Average selling time (days)
Peugeot 2008 24.8
Rover 25 28.6
Nissan Qashqai 28.7
Audi A1 30.2
Audi A3 30.3
Skoda Rapid Spaceback 30.8
Chevrolet Orlando 31.2
Audi TT 31.2
Audi A4 31.8
Hyundai i10 31.9


Rupert Pontin, Glass’s Chief Car Editor, says: “For Audi, this reaffirmation of the brand’s popularity in the used market is very significant, bearing in mind the surge in new registrations over recent years. It shows there is a strong retail demand for the product, which is sure to help with residual values. I think the A1, which has jumped from 8th to 4th, could well be a future number 1.”

Of the Rover 25, he advises: “It’s cheap and cheerful, and robust in all areas except for the engine. Just make sure the head gasket has been done before you buy, or this car will cost you money!”

At number 3, down from the top spot, is the Nissan Qashqai. “Nissan and its Qashqai continue to perform well, consolidating their position as founders of the SUV market for the masses,” Rupert comments. “The recent introduction of a new model will have helped to keep this range in the public eye. Overall, Nissan is now at number 2 among the manufacturers, with only Ford achieving faster average used car sales.”

Other points of note in the top 10 this month are the appearance of two convertibles – surely a sign that summer is on its way – and the drop of Hyundai’s i10 from 2nd to 10th place. Rupert also highlights the Chevrolet Orlando, in at number 6: “This is a surprise, although it’s fair to say that whilst it’s not a market-leading car it does offer fantastic value for money in a very competitive sector.”

At the very bottom of the table is the MINI Paceman, currently taking 96.1 days on average to sell. The MINI Roadster also finds itself in the bottom 10. “I’m surprised, as MINI is generally a good news brand,” says Rupert. “It seems that MINI’s venture into a new niche is not being embraced by buyers. I also wonder if there are just too many of these two models in the market right now, and perhaps the residual value expectations of the trade surpass those of the retail buyer.”

           Glass’s league of fastest selling used cars – worst performing

Manufacturer Model Average selling time (days)
Seat Mii 67.1
Fiat 500L 67.9
Toyota GT86 72.9
Mercedes-Benz CL-Class 73.6
MINI Mini Roadster 74.8
Citroen DS5 77.5
Seat Toledo 78.7
Nissan Leaf 78.9
Vauxhall Cascada 90.4
MINI Mini Paceman 96.1


There is disappointment for Fiat and Seat too, as Rupert explains: “The Fiat 500L is in the bottom 10 as a direct result of an increase in volume in the used car market due to pre-registration and daily rental activity. It’s not helped by the fact that there are some fantastic deals currently on new versions, and to top it off the car’s awkward looks have not made it an instant success. Looks are a problem for the unloved Seat Toledo as well, which joins Seat’s Mii in the bottom 10. I’m not sure if this reflects general apathy towards the brand or just the availability of better value cars from its competitors.”

May 212014


Warranty Direct are proud to announce their sponsorship of the What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2015, an award they are supporting for the 3rd consecutive year.

The What Car? Car of the Year Awards, in association with Warranty Direct, are the accolades every manufacturer wants to win. Only the cars setting the standards for their respective class are considered for awards and each year the best of the best receives the top prize in motoring: being named What Car? Car of the Year.

What Car? is the UK’s biggest car-buying brand and has been helping Britain’s car buyers make purchasing decisions for over 40 years. Their tests are widely regarded as the most trusted source of new car advice. Just one of the reasons we have decided to sponsor these awards for the 3rd year running.

An increased focus on Used Car guidance and advice has led to the What Car? Used Car of the Year Awards which are held in September. Warranty Direct also supports these awards, providing critical figures on each vehicle’s reliability and running costs, as well as appearing on the judging panel, to help ascertain the UK’s premier used vehicles for motorists.

With What Car?’s UK motoring magazine, website and strong customer facing values offering advice, tips and truly honest reviews for customers and prospective car buyers, Warranty Direct are proud to be a part of these fantastic events showcasing the best new and used cars for 2015.


May 072014

Potholes SignCampaigners revealed yesterday that winter floods have created a huge surge in drivers’ claims for compensation from potholes.

The number of claims to the council in the worst-hit county Somerset rose from 24 in November and December last year to 240 in January and February. In Worcestershire they rose from 25 to 125 in the same months and in Dorset from 85 to 193. carried out the survey, where drivers can report hazards and get advice on compensation. Warranty Direct, who back the site, proposes introducing temporary warning signs to draw attention to the on-going problem with the crumbling roads. The signs could be adopted to warn motorists and other road users about pothole-ridden stretches of road.

Managing director David Gerrans, said: “With potholes costing drivers £730 million a year – with an average bill of £247 – a sign only needs to stop a couple of incidents to justify its price. If road signs can warn of falling rocks from above then why not craters from below?”

As a result of the heavy rainfall damaging roads, campaign website had more than 1500 potholes reported across the UK in January and February alone, by motorists who had either damaged their vehicles or were trying to warn others of the hazards.

The road industry has said it would cost £12 billion to bring Britain’s roads up to standard. The Department for Transport said it had made £383 million available in emergency funds to repair damaged roads.

If your vehicle has been damaged as a result of a pothole, you may be entitled to compensation from your council. Visit for more information.