Apr 222014

FordBMWFord is now rated as reliable as BMW by 74,414 Ford and BMW owners.  Owners also rated Ford better on fuel economy. Over 536,778 car owners have been involved in rating virtually every make and model on British roads on a review site in the last 14 months.

Ford ratings have steadily increased and now the American owned world car brand is as reliable as BMW in owner’s eyes.

WeLoveAnyCar.com spokesman said, “Soon Ford could overtake BMW overall. The BMW ‘Overall’ rating is just 0.1 ahead of Ford and the trend for Ford is up.”

Car owners were asked to rate their car out of 5. The results are clear:

Ford BMW
Fuel Economy rating 3.8 3.52
Reliability rating 4.42 4.42


BMW still managed to score higher on other factors and is ahead for comfort and driving experience. The overall score on the car review site combines all these factors and the margin between the two car brands is almost too close to call.

Ford BMW
Overall rating 4.12/5 4.22/5


BMW has a higher rating when owners are asked; “would you recommend your car?” However at 4.38/5 they were only 0.08 ahead of the Ford owners score at 4.30/5.

Warranty Direct use their real claims data to put together the Reliability Index indicating that owners may be correct in this trend. While BMW lingers at 29th (http://www.reliabilityindex.com/manufacturer) in the manufacturer’s rankings Fords come in at 8th!

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