Jun 222011

Car MOTSuspension component failures are the ‘three-year glitch’ most likely to cause a car to fail its first MOT, according to Warranty Direct.

The automotive insurance specialist analysed thousands of three and four-year old cars and found that the average repair cost for cars typically leaving their manufacturer warranty period is £338.

Last month, Warranty Direct launched an initiative to offer drivers of three-year old cars their first MOT test fee, costing just under £55, for free by registering at www.warrantydirect.co.uk/firstmotfree.

The safety-critical ABS braking system is the second most likely part to cause extra expense at the first MOT, costing £667 to fix. The turbocharger – fitted to nearly all diesel and many petrol cars – is the most costly repair item on the list, coming in at more than £750.

It’s not only complex systems that suffer premature failure – parts of the exhaust can break or wear out when a car is still comparatively young.

Parts most likely to fail between years three and four


Part Description

Ave cost (£)


Springs & Shocks



ABS System



Upper & Lower Arms






Exhaust System


Warranty Direct managing director, Duncan McClure Fisher, said: “A car’s first MOT is a milestone in its life and memorable but not always for the right reasons.

“Three years is the age at which cars usually lose their manufacturer cover and it’s no accident that it’s also typically when some parts start wearing out.

“It’s also no surprise that a car’s springs and shock absorbers are the first items to go wrong, given the shocking state of the UK’s roads.”

By registering at least 30 days before the third anniversary of the car’s original registration date at www.warrantydirect.co.uk/firstmotfree, vehicles can be booked into one of 550 Kwik Fit workshops for a free MOT.