Jan 132011

37Worldwide, Toyota have been in plenty of trouble when it comes to recalls. Now their premium range of Lexus models are being investigated.

Improperly functioning valve springs have been found in some Lexus engines and there is a small possibility that abnormal engine noise or unstable idling may occur. Continue reading »

Jan 132011

38Toyota is not the only Japanese company issuing recalls. At the beginning of the year Honda started to contact all 171,372 UK owners of 2002-2008 Jazz models so that electric window master switches could be checked.

The master window switch in the driver’s door can malfunction when exposed to large amounts of liquid ingress, for example if the window is left open frequently or for long periods during heavy rain. Continue reading »

Jan 132011

40Promotion by Kia has fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Authority and has been changed after advertisements were ruled to be misleading.

The ASA ruling referred to the car maker not making it clear that its publicised seven-year warranty did not highlight the varying periods of cover for different parts such as batteries and air conditioning units and it did not give enough prominence to the 100,000-mile limit. Continue reading »

Jan 062011

44The cost of getting a mechanic to fix your car is on the rise again, according to the annual Warranty Direct Labour Rates Survey.

With some motorists still being charged up to £190 an hour, the national average cost of garage labour (franchised dealers and independent workshops combined) has risen by 5.81% to £74.82 over the past 12 months.

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