Jul 272010

reliability cars 2010The UK’s most comprehensive guide for used car reliability, www.ReliabilityIndex.co.uk, has been relaunched with a raft of improvements.

Designed to provide the nation’s motorists with an unparalleled resource of information and a unique insight into cars aged three to 10-years old, ReliabilityIndex.co.uk is free to use and now contains extra functionality.

The backbone of the website is provided by historical data over the last 10 years from automotive warranty company, Warranty Direct, which has covered hundreds of thousands of cars during the last decade.

Boasting additional features, such as the ability to compare vehicles, select vehicle sectors like MPV and convertibles, a graphical representation of data and buying guides, the revamped site is live now. 

“Since its inception, the Reliability Index has helped tens of thousands of car buyers make a better, more informed decision when it comes to their purchase,” explains Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct.

“We are totally independent of any motor manufacturer so the information we provide, which is based on millions of pounds worth of claims every year, can be trusted.

“While no car is immune from a breakdown, the information now available at the fingertips of motorists at least offers a degree of peace-of-mind.”

The revamped website can be visited at www.ReliabilityIndex.co.uk.

For cover starting at £15 a month call 0800 731 7001 or visit www.warrantydirect.co.uk for information.

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