Feb 242010

ToyotaThe reliability of Toyota is not in question, despite the firm’s recent recall of up to 1.8 million vehicles across Europe because of accelerator and brake issues.

That is the view of Warranty Direct, which conducted a poll on its www.reliabilityindex.co.uk website, and discovered that 76% of drivers will not view Toyota as a less reliable marque because of the recalls.

The Reliability Index is a unique database that charts the trustworthiness of thousands of used cars by taking into account each vehicle’s rate of failure, cost of repair, mileage and age.

With a long history of building reliable cars, Toyota sits high in the Reliability Index, with just 12% of its cars hitting a fault in an average year, well under the overall average of 28%.

In fact Warranty Direct rates the Corolla (2002-2007 model year) – Toyota’s most popular car – as being the most reliable motor on the road, with just 1 in 20 suffering a problem in the average year.

Warranty Direct’s Duncan McClure Fisher said: “For years Toyota has been one of the most dependable manufacturers and it will rightly continue to be seen as a reliable make by consumers.”

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