Jan 202008

Speed bumpsDrivers demand dangerous speed humps be dumped

The Association of British Drivers has renewed its call for all speed humps to be removed from British roads after a speed hump caused a serious accident.

According to a report in the Manchester Evening News a police Transit van, responding to a 999 call, lost control upon hitting a speed hump in Ashby Close, Bolton, causing it to become airborne. The van then hit an oncoming car, and crashed into a garden where it hit six people who were standing in the garden, including an 8 year old boy.

ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries said “It is only by some miracle that no-one was killed here. We get to get away from the simplistic notion that speed humps make roads safer, they do not, they often make them more dangerous.”

The ABD has compiled a comprehensive list of problems associated with speed humps, and some forward thinking local authorities such as the London Borough of Barnet have already begun removing them. Yet in other areas they are still being installed with no thought whatsoever for the consequences.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory added: “Speed humps are nothing more than inverted pot holes, they are a danger to all road users. As long ago as the early 70’s a woman cyclist was killed in Swindon when a speed hump caused her to fall and be hit by a vehicle — that speed hump was subsequently removed. Yet when the government thought people had forgotten about this tragedy, they started installing them again.”

Jan 202008

Twingo set new world record

Renowned stunt driver Terry Grant has set a new Guinness World Record in the feisty Renault Twingo.

The audience at the Live Action Arena of the Autosport International Show saw the famous driver spin a Twingo GT through a gap just 18 centimetres more than the length of the car!

The 100hp Twingo GT is just the ticket for punching above its weight in the urban environment although Terry’s method of nipping through gaps is best left to the professionals!  The ‘J-turn’ involves reversing at speed, spinning the car around through 180º and then driving off in the opposite direction.

The sell-out crowd in the Live Action arena at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre saw Terry reverse the Twingo and spin it through barriers that were just 378 centimetres apart – only 18 centimetres more than the length of the car.    The crucial measurement for Terry was the diagonal size of the Twingo.  At 370 centimetres, this left Terry with just four centimetres gap between the barriers!

The Live Action arena saw 12 performances of the stunt over the four days of the show.  In each spectacular demonstration, the gap between the barriers was reduced, breaking the previous World Record each time.  This culminated in beating the previous record by over one and a half metres!

Terry said “For this record, the car needs great agility, visibility and pinpoint accuracy. The Twingo has it in spades!    Best of all, despite up to six shows each day and numerous practice runs, it was bomb-proof! You couldn’t drive many cars home after that sort of punishment!”

Terry Grant has been performing stunts around the world for over 12 years and is widely regarded as one of the greatest performers in the business.  This is his 16th World Record.

Jan 202008

BCA BirminghamBrave the winter chill and get a great used car bargain at BCA Birmingham

The latest figures from leading local motor auction centre, BCA Birmingham, show that January could be a good time to get a great deal on a quality used car or van.

Seasonal trends in supply and demand mean that there are more used cars available at auction and this means prices are very competitive.  Buyers can take their pick from a wide choice of ex-fleet and lease vehicles and a great selection of other pre-owned cars.

“Ex-fleet and business cars at BCA Birmingham represent excellent value for money for used car buyers, typically being around three-years-old and well-serviced during their working life” confirmed David Ross, General Manager, BCA Birmingham. “More motorists than ever are turning to the used car market to bag a bargain and auction offers a great choice whatever their budget.”

“There’s a wide choice to be had at car auctions” confirmed David Ross.  “The huge majority of sales are open to private buyers.  With cars of every age and description and with a price range to suit every budget, there will be something for everyone.  Car buyers can check online at http://www.bca-europe.com/ for the latest details of the sales programme.”

BCA’s top 10 tips for buying a car at auction:

· Don’t buy on your first visit – sample the atmosphere and get used to the pace.

· Do your homework – know what you want before you go to an auction and have an idea what the car you are after is worth.

· Terms and conditions – each auction house has its own terms and conditions explaining how you can buy, what the fees are etc.  Familiarise yourself with these so that you don’t get surprised later on.

· Don’t rush – arrive early and take time to examine the vehicle that interests you.

· Do ask questions – ask auction staff, they will be happy to help.

· Check the car – it’s up to you to check the car’s condition, so examine it prior to entering the auction hall. And listen to the engine running as it is driven into the auction hall.

· Budget – set a limit and stick to it. Save some funds for a post sale service and any minor repairs that might be needed.

· Be flexible – if you miss your first choice, don’t give up and don’t throw the budget out the window just because you like the colour of the car you’re bidding on!

· Auctioneer’s description – this is legally binding, so listen carefully. The terms and conditions will explain all the terminology used.

· Bid clearly – don’t wink or tap your nose, simply raise your hand or the catalogue.