Feb 272007

warrantydirect_timebomb_2You know the problem – you’ve owned your new car for three years, but then, as it slips outside of the comfort zone offered by the manufacturer’s warranty, something goes pop.

Of course, it’s not a certainty that your car will break down, so do you risk it and leave it without warranty cover or do you shell out and get the peace of mind offered by an extended warranty?

To help you decide, leading independent warranty specialist, Warranty Direct is offering owners with 04 plates an introductory 20 percent discount on cover to help insure against those unexpected trips to the garage. This offer is available in March 2007 only.

Cover starts from as little as £13 per month.

For further information, visit www.warrantydirect.co.uk or freephone 0800 731 7001.

Feb 202007

Potholes.co.ukA new website has been launched to help motorists tackle the increasing scourge of Britain’s potholed roads.

The logically named, potholes.co.uk, is designed to assist long-suffering tax-payers highlight poor road surfaces to their local councils, plus advise on how to make a compensation claim should their own vehicle be damaged by a pothole.

Despite the billions of pounds paid into public coffers every year, Britain’s roads are quite simply falling apart. Experts say there has been a 65 percent rise in defects on English roads alone during the past decade, with the shortfall in funding for repairs running at an estimated £1.6bn*.

As a result, the deteriorating roads – which latest research suggests can be blamed for a whopping 1 in 5 mechanical failures – saddle the motorist with an estimated £320m bill for unwanted car repairs**.

Potholes.co.uk aims to campaign for swifter and more efficient road works on the nation’s network. As a community-based website it also offers details about how to report a pothole, as well as providing a forum to voice frustrations or offer advice to fellow motorists.

“We want the site to become a public service,” said spokesperson, Amanda Allen. “Motorists have a right to have their voice heard on the subject, and it’s clear that local authorities need help to identify the potholes in their region.”

For further information visit www.potholes.co.uk