Nov 302006

Car MOTIndependent warranty specialists Warranty Direct has expressed its shock at the announcement that MOT tests could be required only every other year instead of annually.

Using information taken from Warranty Direct’s database of over 56,000 car warranties, figures show that the frequency with which vehicles break down leaps up once they move out of the comfort zone offered by the standard manufacturer’s three-year guarantee.

While a one-year old car has a failure incidence of just 19 percent, that figure jumps to 28 percent for a seven-year old vehicle.  A third of all cars over 13-years old break down.  Warranty Direct policies do not cover parts that fail and make cars structurally unsound such as rust, lights, and brakes.

Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure-Fisher said: “This is ridiculous! Of course cars will be more prone to failure as they get older and, once they get beyond the three years covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, they need an annual MOT even more because on average they fail more often.  We will still require cars to have a yearly test even if this legislation goes through.”

Warranty Direct’s figures are backed up by research by car care company Comma, which found that the quality of brake fluid degenerated as cars get older unless it is changed regularly.

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