Sep 302006

WDThe ‘one size fits all’ mentality of choosing and buying an aftermarket car warranty is about to change thanks to independent provider, Warranty Direct.

The leading mechanical breakdown insurer has radically overhauled the way motorists can purchase, and benefit from, protection following the expiry of the traditional manufacturer’s three-year policy. An average of 200,000 cars fall out of manufacturer warranty every month.

Via an interactive website (, the new direction puts the consumer firmly in the driving seat.

From now on, a motorist’s current circumstances, whether they own the car already, or are in the process of buying from a dealer, auction or privately, will determine the type, level and cost of cover available.

For example, if you own a vehicle with an existing manufacturer’s warranty in place, you can now inform Warranty Direct of the warranty’s expiry date and benefit from the firm’s unique Wear & Tear Inclusion policy with a seamless transfer of cover.

Similarly, if you’ve bought a used car from a dealer with basic warranty included, you can “add” Warranty Direct cover to this (i.e. an extra 9 months if you have already bought 3 months protection). Additionally, you can choose to upgrade any basic dealer warranty to Warranty Direct’s comprehensive cover from day one.  “Wrap” these new products around the Dealer warranty you can now get 12 months protection for much less than a conventional annual warranty would cost.

Warranty Direct also offers an extensive range of policies to suit the private buyer.  If you’re seeking to “protect” yourself against early unforeseen disasters then consider Warranty Direct’s 3-month policy. If you make no claims during the initial 3-month period and then choose to extend your cover,a discount will be applied to the subsequent premium.

According to Warranty Direct figures, 1 in 3 vehicles will suffer a mechanical breakdown every year. The cost of repair now averages nearly £400 but can run into the thousands. To check on the reliability of your vehicle, visit

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