Nov 022005

MG RoverMG Rover customers are being left confused and facing a wall of silence as they try to uncover if their manufacturer warranty will still be honoured, following the administration of MG Rover.

“PwC and Rover franchised dealers are increasingly evading customers who have recently bought a Rover.  There has been very little information offered, with much based purely on speculation, rather than clarity and fact,” commented independent warranty provider Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher.

“Under the Sale of Goods Act, consumers will be protected.  When buying a new car, it becomes the responsibility of the dealer to uphold the warranty for up to six years.”

Rovers recently bought came with a three-year warranty that consists of a one-year manufacturer-backed policy and dealer-backed cover in the second and third years.

“The problem for MG Rover customers though is will their local dealer still be open when their vehicle develops a fault which would be rectified under the warranty agreement?

“This is further cemented by the appalling reliability track record Rover has.  Last year they came 16th in our annual reliability index – trailing behind the likes of Daewoo, Fiat and Seat.”

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